Top Tips To Keep Your Beer Drinkable And Fresh

Your Beer Drinkable And Fresh | ShopSK

Are you looking forward to buying beer from an online liquor store California? If your answer is yes, then you should essentially know about some of the best tips by following which, you would be able to keep your beer drinkable and fresh.

We will focus on talking about these tips in detail in the forthcoming section. So, without wasting any further time, let’s dig into the detailed discussion:

Tips to Follow

Nothing in this world lasts forever. The same applies to beer. But, by knowing about the basics, you would be able to successfully increase the shelf life of your beer online liquor store. Again, if you end up storing the beer in the right manner, then it will remain fresh for a longer period.

Now, let’s have a close look at the various tips which we are going to mention below which will help to keep your beer tasting fresh and crispy for days, weeks, months, or even years:

Storing Your Beer | ShopSK

It Is Always Better To Know What You Are Drinking

The first and the most important thing is to know what you are drinking as all beers do not age the same.

So, in this regard, you can make use of many conventional rules of thumb for beer storage to know whether you should be concerned about the freshness of the beer or whether you can even store it and enjoy fresh beer.

Thus, it is best to consider three key rules of thumb in this case which include the following:

  • Check the ABV Or Alcohol by Volume
  • Consider checking the brewing style
  • Focus on checking for pasteurization

Instead Of Storing It For A Long, Try To Consume It Before 3 Months Of Bottling

If the beer you are buying is not pasteurized, then it is best to crack and consume it before 3 months of bottling. It will help you to stay on the safer side. But, if you are struggling to find the brew date on the bottle, then you can get help and educate yourself on finding that.

It Would Be Best If You Store The Beer In The Fridge

As soon as the brewed beers has been bottled, it starts to age. So, one of the best ways to increase its lifespan is by storing it in the fridge. Once you buy it, if you do not plan to drink it immediately, then it is a good idea to throw the bottle in the fridge.

And whenever you decide to drink it, you can take it out and consume it. Storing beet at the optimum temperature of 38-degree Fahrenheit slows down the oxidation process. And so, you do not have to worry about its flavor deterioration, if you store it in the fridge.

Beer Drinkable And Fresh | ShopSK

Make A Habit To Store Beer Upright

Always make sure that the beer is upright whenever you store it as this practice helps to minimize the surface area of beer that is touching the air trapped in the bottle. And less air contact means less oxidation in the beer.

Final Words

We hope you have found all of these tips to be very helpful.

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