Top 5 Tips For Better Clothing Printing Experience

Tips For Better Clothing Printing Experience

Tips For Better Clothing Printing Experience

In today’s era, clothing trends are more customized. People like to wear their thoughts. It is the reason behind the boom of custom design screen printing.  It might sound easy, but ordering customized clothes isn’t easy. It can be a hectic job.

We’ll try to make this process hassle-free. In this blog, we’ll discuss those tips that can help you have a better experience. You can get the best clothing design screen printing services with the help of these tips.

The Best Clothing Design Screen Printing Tips

Tip 1: Know About the Printing Techniques

If you own a business and you want custom design screen printing merchandise for your brand. It’s crucial to know about the printing techniques. It will help you to know about the positives and negatives of a process. There are several printing techniques.

If you’re looking to start a business for clothing printing then you must know about these. You can learn about them from an expert.

Tip 2: Screen Printing for Several Colors

Printing multiple colors on the clothing item can be done with screen printing. These prints last longer and will look fresh. They are best for:

  • Logo designs
  • Text in solid colors
  • designs in solid colors
  • for long term use

These are some of the plus points. But you shouldn’t use it for logos and designs of various color gradients. It can’t be used for detailing and small letters.

Tip 3: Artwork and Design

Printing multiple colors on the clothing item can be done with screen printing

In screen printing, the artwork or the design must be in a vector file. The colors must be PMS. You can hire a graphic designer for this. The designer can help you create a vector file that can be easily accessed.

Larger files that are high-quality PNGs, can be a negative point. You shouldn’t go for these images or designs. This can make the result blurry.

Tip 4: Usage of Full-Color Printing

If you’re looking to use an endless number of colors, then this is the best option for you. The cloth will efficiently absorb the color. The color however will remain tactile. You can use it for:

  • short use
  • in events
  • for giveaways
  • for multiple pictures
  • for multiple color clothing

The printing is not extensive. Therefore it can’t be used for a long time. The color or design might fade quicker. It may only last till 10 washes.

The file for this process should be in CMYK colors.

Tip 5: Quality and Cost

For promotional printing clothing, the quality of the print is very important. You should make a budget according to your requirements. This is important to get a good quality product. Do proper research. Find the best printing press that provides quality work at an effective price.

The higher quantity order can help you get a lower price per clothing item. Hence it’s better to order the clothing in bulk.


These were some tips that can help you enhance the clothing custom design screen printing experience. You can find the best clothing printing service that can help you create customized clothing.

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