Building the Best Golf Course Website: What You Need to Know

Many golfers now research their favorite game, golf club to join, or available golf locations due to the current internet age. If you want to draw in members to your golf course, you’ll need a great website that’s impressive and aesthetically pleasing. Not only that, your website should reflect your club’s reputation. Boost your brand with a website that’s as beautiful as your course! If you’re looking to build the best golf course website, here are features to consider.

Features of a Good Golf Course Website


Have you ever tried accessing a website on your smartphone and had to zoom in or squint to see and read the content? All these are a result of an unresponsive website. A responsive website can be accessed on various devices, such as smartphones, desktop computers, or tablets. The best golf course website should be responsive enough to provide a seamless user experience.

Good Design

A well-designed website creates a good impression of your brand. It can foster trust and prompt guests to take action. Your web pages should be eye-catchy and encourage users to visit your site often. Factors like consistency, colors, typography, and functionality play considerable roles in website design. Your homepage should pique visitors‘ interest and spur them to navigate through the website, scrolling through other web pages. Ensure your typefaces are legible, complementing your brand color with high-quality images. A good website should be responsive and easy to navigate with excellent calls to action that yield results.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is your brand’s visible element, which implies a customer’s perception of your brand and how they relate to your products and services. It includes your brand name, slogan, colors, graphic styles, logo, voice and tone, style, and typeface. Ensure to build your brand identity before creating a website.

Consolidated Booking Widget

If you don’t have a consolidated booking widget, it’s about time you have one. Online tee time has become an essential part of any golf course; hence, creating a tee time reservation platform is crucial. A golfer visiting your website should be able to book their game seamlessly without having to call a phone number. If your website lacks this booking widget feature, you’ll likely lose customers.

High-quality Images and Videos

The importance of good pictures and videos cannot be underestimated while building your website. Inculcate the act of using visuals to tell your golf course’s story; for instance, display beautiful scenery of your clubhouse. Take video footage of the oceanside using a drone flyover. Content with images will likely rank high on search engine result pages (SERP). Show off your golf course in grand style with beautiful visuals and experience massive traffic on your website with new member leads.

Websites do not only promote credibility; they increase revenues, widen reachability, and support marketing efforts. By now, you know how indispensable a website is to your golf course. Do you have a golf course website? Are you still thinking of building one? Getting a web designer to create the best golf course website is a win for you and your brand.

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