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Are you getting the Truth in Bodybuilding Supplement Reviews?

There is no doubt that some bodybuilding supplements can help you build your body to a higher level of perfection and peak performance – if you are actively involved in the sport of bodybuilding. If you are a competitive bodybuilder, supplements are an absolute must. Getting the whole truth about what a particular bodybuilding supplement does is not so clear cut.

For any supplement to help build maximum muscle tissue requires that you put out maximum effort. You can down all of energy drinks on the market, gorge yourself on protein and carbohydrates and without a lot of work on your part, you will just get fat! No magic pill or bodybuilding supplement out of a chemical lab will change that.

Some of the muscle magazines and web sites would have you think otherwise, but they are wrong. If you take time to check, you will find that most of the mags and sites giving glowing reviews to a magic pill or formula are owned by the same people who own the pill.

So, with literally hundreds of bodybuilding supplements on the market how do you choose? It can be confusing. Just be sure that the supplements you take help you reach your bodybuilding goals. And stay away from the over-hyped miracle pill that does it all.

There are several supplements that you really do need to help build and tone your body. These are legal and affordable and without harmful side-effects:

  • Protein
  • Glutamine
  • Creatine
  • Nitric Oxide


water based protein drinks

water based protein drinks

Every bodybuilder needs to supplement with protein. It is an essential building block and helps build muscle mass that is toned and fit. Whey protein, which comes from cows milk, is an ideal source of protein. It contains little if any fat, or lactose and is delivers essential amino acids. Look for whey water based protein drinks which is the purest form.


Creatine helps supply energy to the muscles. It is synthesized in the liver and is found naturally in skeletal muscles. The liver produces adequate amounts for normal activity but studies have shown that ingesting creatine does increase the amount in the muscles. Creatine not only helps in building strength and muscle mass but also increases performance by combating fatigue. If you are a competitive bodybuilder, be aware that while creatine use is not considered ‘doping’, certain forms are banned from sale in several countries.


L-Glutamine is an amino acid, and like creatine, it is normally produced in sufficient quantities by the body itself. However, when you place your body under stress with hard workouts, your body cannot keep up with the demand. Glutamine helps to restore your energy level and rebuild muscle tissue. It also helps to strengthen the immune system and fuel the brain. Glutamine also encourages the production of Human Growth Hormone. Many suppliers mix it with other supplements to mask the bitterness of pure glutamine.

Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide increases the flow of blood throughout your body. This increases the supply of muscle building agents to the skeletal muscles. This can boost your overall performance and your power output. Nitric oxide is produced naturally during hard exercise and is what gives you that “pumped” feeling. Supplementing with nitric oxide can give you that “pumped” feeling without the effort of exercise, but it is a false feeling. Unless you work your muscles, they will not grow no matter what bodybuilding supplements you take.

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Best Whey Protein Shake Recipes

protein water

When it comes to building muscle, a easy and great tasting Whey Protein Shake Recipe are a necessity to get you on your way.  It makes a fantastic addition to almost any diet, and is jam packed with everything that you need to build, quality, lean muscle. That being the case, having the same flavor whey protein water, at the same time and in the same way everyday can become a bit dull, as well as repetitive.

How do I stop myself from getting tired of the same old Whey Protein Shake Recipe?

We as people enjoy a bit of a change from time to time, particularly when it comes to eating healthy, and having a fantastic time building muscle.  Therefore, while keeping both objectives in mind, I have provided recipes and information to help eliminate shake fatigue.  I have also made a list of the top mix-ins to add to your Whey Protein Shake Recipe to help prevent you from getting tire of the same old protein shake. You can easily incorporate a protein shake within your exercise regimen, but the hard part is keeping that shake interesting and tasting great.  Each of these whey protein shake recipes taste great, and help you keep off the weight while still getting a lot of flavor, as well as that dream muscle you’re after.

whey protein

whey protein

Chocolate Whey Protein Shake Recipes

Protein Shake recipe made with Chocolate whey protein Whey protein powders and shakes come in all kinds of flavors these days, but regular chocolate remains one of the top sellers.  The chocolate flavored protein mixes probably do the best job of masking the real flavor of the protein blend in the powder mix.  Plus, there are a wide variety of ingredients that can be added to the  Chocolate protein  to enhanced the shake and eliminate shake fatigue.  Mint, Peanut Butter, and yogurt are some of the best mix-ins you can add to your recipe.

Vanilla Whey Protein Shake Recipes

Vanilla Flavored Whey Protein Powder is the most versatile out of all the protein powder mixes.  You can add just about any thing to the recipe and have your shake still come out delicious.  There are so many  great recipes out there for making shakes using the Vanilla Protein Powder as a base and that is great news for people that tend to get tired of the same old shake.  Feel free to experiment with different flavors and ingredient combinations.

Strawberry Whey Protein Shake Recipes

Best Strawberry Whey Protein Shake Recipe Strawberry Protein Powders don’t have a reputation of being the best tasting protein mix, so unlike the other mixes, they need some help.  The most important thing needed in a Strawberry Whey Protein Shake Recipe is real strawberries.  that is almost a necessity when making your shake.  Some people resort to mixing their strawberry protein with vanilla or chocolate protein powder, which is great if you have the other mixes on hand.  Need more help?  Just click the link below for more info.

If you are an active person that exercises on a regular basis, you might need more protein in you diet than someone who is not as physically active.  Protein Shakes can have 100% protein to mostly carbohydrates with little amounts of fat and protein.  You can find protein in many flavors as well as many forms like powders and ready to drink cans.

The most important thing to remember when finding a whey protein shake is the read the product label.  Protein powders and shakes can vary a lot in protein content.  Body builders are going to want a supplement with more protein than the average person may need.  If you are into running marathons or participate in high-endurance sports, you may want a shake with more carbs, especially after a workout.  As for trying to lose unwanted body fat, you will need a protein shake that’s mainly protein and has fewer carbohydrate and minimal amounts of fat.  You will definitely need a supplement that is 50% protein if your goal is losing fat.  These Whey Protein Shake recipes work with any brand of protein powder out today.



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Best Protein Shakes

whey protein

Choosing the best protein shakes for your personal purposes nowadays is a task, at the same time easy and difficult. It is easy, because in the retail stores, and online shops at the specialized websites now there is a huge selection of goods, producted by many companies (famous and unknown). And also the experts of all kinds of course will always help you make the most right decision. The particular difficulty is lying in a fact, that you actually have to finally choose one product – best of the best protein shakes. It is quite obvious, that for different purposes, you should choose a different (sometimes very different) protein shakes.

protein water

protein water

For example, if you need – due to some health condition – to gain the muscle mass, you would prefer plane protein shakes. And if you are an athlete – then your choice will fall on the protein-carbohydrate cocktails, which, above all, are enriched with the vitamins and minerals.

Of course, immediately raises the question: what are the best protein shakes? This question can not have just one perfect answer, because it depends on what goals you have set to yourself. It is clear that the discrepancy between goals and means not only will take you really far away from the desired result, but also may easily cause irreparable damage to your health. Remember, that the best protein shakes are those, that will help you to solve the problem!

Protein shakes are usually producted in two forms: it can be the ready protein shake (in a liquid form) or protein shake in a powder form (this powder you add to the water, milk or juice). Ready protein shake is very handy. First of all, you do not waste time to blend it. Second, the ready protein shakes are normally ready for use on the go, they are very transportable – you can take them to the gym for the workout, especially to those gyms, that are not equipped with shakers. With a protein shake you can easily refresh and rejuvenate during your workout. And your best protein shakes will always be with you!

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Why Retirement Planning During Young Age Is a Good Decision?


Retirement planning is the right allocation of savings for the retirement. It helps to achieve financial independence after retirement. One can retire comfortably with the right type of retirement planning solutions. Start saving early so that you can enjoy your life.

Retirement planning involves identifying the sources of your income, estimating the expenses, and employing the right saving program, as well as managing the assets. Individuals start putting aside some of their current income for long-term savings and investment.

There Are Several Reasons Why You Should Plan for Your Future. Some of Them Are:

Spend Your Retirement Years the Way You Want

Many individuals start saving early so that they can spend the retired years the way they want to. Every individual may have some goals in life and retirement is the best time to fulfill your goals and transform your dreams into reality. You can be financially sound to be able to achieve your goals.

Taking Care of  Your Kids

Many people face a lot of financial difficulties just because their parents did not plan for the retirement. No parent wants to be a burden on their children. As a parent, you should protect your child’s future by planning your retirement. Being a parent, you should be able to take care of your finances and live a happy life with your kids.


Better Health

Almost all the people face health problems when they get old. There may be some situations where you cannot work anymore and at that time, savings can help you make sure that your health is good. You can take care of your medical expenses even after the retirement.

Avoid Work Pressure After Retirement

After working for long years, you may not want to work any longer when you grow old. If you prefer not to work after retirement, you should start saving from your early years. If you do not prepare for retirement, you may have to keep working to fulfill your requirements throughout the life.

It is essential to hire the best consultant to plan your retirement in the best possible manner. A professional will help you realize your dreams that you have for your retired years and help you make sensible decisions for your financial future. You should do some research over the internet and choose to hire the best consultants. Whether you have a lot of money or have a limited budget, you should start saving during your early years so that you can have a peaceful and comfortable life after the retirement. During the young age, the risk-taking capacity of an individual is higher. Moreover, the financial commitment during young age is lower as compared to elderly people. There are a lot of options to save for your post-retirement years. So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for the best agencies that can help you with retirement planning so that you can enjoy this period to the fullest.

Every person wants to live a healthy and comfortable life during the elder years of their age. Retirement planning ensures a peaceful and happy retirement time. You can save money and secure your future with early financial planning.

Carefree Retirement is a one-stop destination for all your financial planning solutions. The advisors plan the best retirement for the clients and help them live a comfortable life during the retirement years.

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