Weight Loss and Body Fat Reduction

We prefer you to think in terms of “fat loss” instead of “weight loss.” The aim of getting in shape is how you look and how healthy you are. The goal should be to get leaner. This means changing your body composition so that you have less fat and more muscle. Since muscle weighs more than fat per cubic measurement, absolute weight loss should not be the sole measure of your success. The important results should be how your body looks, how your clothes fit and how you feel. A visible six pack of abs is only accomplished by both building the abdominal muscles and shedding the fat that covers them up.


The basis for losing body fat is using more calories (an energy value of food), in daily metabolism, activity and exercise than you take in through eating and drinking. It takes about 3500 calories above those utilized to gain one pound of fat. The reverse is also the case. Using up 3500 calories above those taken into your body will cause a reduction of one pound of fat. Therefore, to effectively lose fat, the bottom line is to restrict your calorie intake and increase your calorie output.

High Protein – Low Carbohydrate Diet

Our personal trainer Allentown pa will work with you on a diet and nutritional plan that will give you just the right amount of calories to accomplish this. The diet will consist of foods that deliver you the proper nutrients so that you will get healthier and more energetic and be able to shape your body effectively through muscle toning or building while losing fat. High protein, low carbohydrate, moderate-low fat diets with plenty of vegetables taken in several frequent meals throughout the day is generally recommended to accomplish this.

Burning Fat Through Aerobic Exercise

The diet itself helps to increase your calorie burning by boosting your metabolism, a process further enhanced as you gain more lean muscle. In addition our fitness trainers work with you on an aerobic exercise program to burn fat and increase your metabolic rate. This is done either on equipment such as stairmaster, stationary bicycle, treadmill or elliptical machine or by jogging outdoors. The aim is to sustain the aerobic activity for a minimum of 40 minutes at a time at a moderate intensity of 50 percent to 70 percent of your max heart rate. A Personal Trainer Cumming GA will help you establish this intensity level and a program of working toward your goal in increments suitable to your current fitness level.

Your diet and aerobic programs will be the cornerstones of your fat loss plan. They are created by your fitness trainer only with you in mind and based on your current condition, goals, your schedule, lifestyle and simply, what will work FOR YOU.

Spot Reduction of Fat

You must remember when embarking upon a fat loss campaign that spot reduction of fat is not possible. Your body gains and loses fat by way of its unique genetic programming. Unfortunately experience and research shows that the first-acquired, and usually largest, fat deposit areas are the last places that our bodies loose fat. So if your holding a lot of fat in your mid-section or in your thighs, that will likely be the last place you loose it. But don’t despair, you WILL lose it. Sticking with it is the ticket. To help you do this, your personal fitness trainer also provides motivation and creates a structured program that helps anchor you through a sustained effort.


The number of Americans who are profoundly over-fat, or obese, is on the rise. This affliction/disease, affects about 50 million people in this country. Health risks arising from obesity include heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and gallbladder disease, and prostate, colon and breast cancer. Obese individuals often suffer both social isolation and institutional discrimination. The market is flooded with weight loss pills and products aimed at this population. Some of these items work, often negligibly, but most do not.

The fight against fat is not an easy one, especially for chronically affected people. It is a long, tough battle. There is no question that the development of a new healthy eating and fitness lifestyle is immensely helpful in winning this fight. Our CrossFit Pittsburgh trainers have a great deal of experience working with people in this group. If necessary we interface with a client’s physician and/or therapist to construct a program centered around restructuring lifestyle while helping to provide the necessary impetus for its success.

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