Solutions For Plastic Injection Moulding Tooling

plastic injection moulding tooling

As one of Australia’s trusted plastic manufacturers, SK Plastics offers genuine design and plastic moulding solutions to those in the building and mining industry. SK Plastics has become one of the leading plastic suppliers for a number of building and mining corporations and continues to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions. Our qualified engineers and plastic manufacturers will ensure each plastic injection moulding tooling is tailored to your business requirements.

SK Plastics industry standard plastic machines enable us to deliver functional and durable building and mining solutions of wide variety. Be it termite barriers, PVC conduits or spacing blocks, SK Plastics have the expertise to deliver. With 40 years of combined plastic injection moulding tooling experience, you can rest assured you plastic product will meet industry expectations.

Total Formwork Solutions

SK Plastics specialises in formwork plastic moulding; designing and implementing solutions for businesses large and small. Our company has undertaken extensive modelling and analysis for a range of organisations, delivering total plastic injection moulding tooling resolutions. From thousands of individual plastic injection moulds to one essential component, SK Plastics can deliver customised plastic injection moulding tooling services.

plastic injection moulding tooling
plastic injection moulding tooling

Innovative and Sustainable Design and Manufacture

SK Plastics strives to stay at the forefront of plastic manufacturing and design technology, and as such, introduces the latest ergonomic designs. Our company is innovative in product design and development and uses the latest plastic machinery to keep up to date with industry requirements.

Our qualified team have years of plastic injection experience and can create plastic moulding for varying applications. SK Plastics uses plastic machines to devise comprehensive, tailored building and mining industry solutions including:

  • Termite barriers
  • PVC plumbing fittings (waste/rain water)
  • Bar chairs
  • Rio bar caps
  • PVC conjuiets
  • Feral spigots
  • Protection caps/covers
  • Spacing blocks/brackets
  • Heavy duty light housings
  • Couver end caps and many more.

Building and Mining Projects

SK Plastics was the chosen contract manufacturer for a large port expansion. Our company assisted with the design and manufacture of specialised plastic framework moulding. Using our innovative plastic injection process and industry standard plastic machinery, SK Plastics created tailored plastic products, according to project specifications. Our company provided a comprehensive plastic injection service encompassing the:

  • Component design
  • Tool design and plastic moulding , and
  • Testing and final production

Our injection-moulding department has an advanced knowledge of injection moulding, process control, trouble-shooting and polymer selection and used modern plastic machines to produce plastic moulding and tooling of the highest standard.

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